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Leaving My Hell Behind Leaving My Hell Behind

Rated 5 / 5 stars

it gave me the shivers

Clean to heavy, it gave me shivers man. I love stuff like this. I hear teh pure joy of making music in this song. I used to post alot of my stuff on here but ive been busy, but I just released a song today, to show that im back from the dead, you should check it out.. the song is OxyCotton. Once again man great tune.


Dark After(Remade) Dark After(Remade)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

mmmm mmmm

im likin this tune alot.
im back from the dead if you remember me

i like the technicality of the leads good change from a mindless shred.


Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Of Course I remember you. Your that badass motherfucker...heheh. Where you been? New tune sounds superb!! GREAT JOB!
Glad you like this one!!

11-Second Loop 11-Second Loop

Rated 5 / 5 stars


looks like the zero raters go tthis one so....

Thanks for your vote, myrdok! You voted 5 for 11-Second Loop, raising its score from 2.91 to 3.08.

heres some help, it deserves to be on the front

FlameMesial responds:

Thanks for the 5!! I know why zero voters pelted this one - it is actually quite shittily played, and the tone is awful.

I like my 13-second loop alittle better, that is more fit for the front page.

Cheers dood!